the SkyPop cloud messaging & data platform

The SkyPop platform is securely developed using scalable cloud computing infrastructures. Data is routed through multiple availability zones and enables access to the SkyPop service interface.

SkyPop mobile API

The SkyPoP Web Service APIs enable you to directly integrate your Point Of Sale (POS) systems with the SkyPoP Mobile Membership and Marketing platform. Our APIs can also be integrated with your existing centralized back-office systems that your Point of Sale terminals are connected to.

  • Add new mobile members (phone number, barcode, and NFC supported)
  • Identify a member from a supported barcode, NFC sticker, or phone number
  • Earn rewards during check-out transactions
  • Redeemed rewards during check-out transactions
  • Replace lost or damaged Membership IDs (barcode or NFC stickers)
  • Update a mobile member’s phone number

web dashboard & reports

The cloud-based platform and content management system means that you can manage your mobile membership program and marketing from anywhere at anytime to:

  • View real-time analytics
  • Download instant reports
  • Manage member and store databases
  • Purchase text message credits
  • See individual store membership and repeat traffic
  • See scheduled member communications
  • View trends and point usage

campaign scheduling & tools

With the SkyPop content distribution network you can dynamically create campaigns that integrate data and customize text for ads and schedule them to run at any specified time for any select location using our:

  • smartphone ad manager
  • text messaging manager
  • management email notifications on scheduled campaign events